Sunday, January 5, 2014

What do you do when your ex-best friend contacts you

I've been thinking about blogging this for a bit and I figured I would just do it. I had a bestie, JB. JB and I had a falling out when I was pregnant. We had gotten in a large fight the year before as well. After the falling out in July of 2010, I hadn't heard a word from her.

Then mom passed away.

She found out and sent me a sympathy card. It was very nice of her. She could have easily not have done anything. She also sent me a Christmas card. In it, she apologized for our fight and said she keeps mom's card around as a reminder.

I want to send her a thank you card (we have blocked each others facebooks and emails) but I'm also hesitant. Losing her was like someone dying. We had so many good times together and there were so many times I wanted her support or friendship. I don't know if she has found my blog, I'd have to assume that she has because we have mutual friends. It means a lot that she has reached out. At the same time, I don't know if I'm ready to be friends, if she even wants to be friends. I know that I don't want to get hurt again (or hurt anyone). I'm open to advice.



Amber said...

I understand completely. I lost a friend like that also. We were like sisters for 10yrs, then nothing. So sad. I agree that it was like a death. She didn't contact me when my Dad passed. It would have been nice. We have texted a handful of times since the "break-up" & are civil. No way to go back like it was. Too much pain. I think just do what you are comfortable with. If you want to contact her, go ahead. Sounds like you do. It will probably be awkward, but may make you feel better. Hope it turns out the way you want.

Jen said...

Thanks Amber! I'm sorry that you went thru a similar situation. It can be so hard breaking up with friends. I'm seriously considering sending her a thank you card. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.