Friday, August 31, 2012

My life rocks!

I'm linking up again with rockin' mama. I hope you had a chance to stop by her blog and check her out. She's pretty awesome with some adorable little boys.

Ok, I shoulda put them in a collage, but I just didn't have them time. Hopefully some of these pictures are new to you guys so enjoy! (it's been a long week and I cannot remember what I put on Facebook/blog/ instagram sorry.)

Checking out giraffes with big sister after the WTTW fun and run

The WTTW fun and run

My super cute hair

Lightsaber fighting with dada

Beefaroni for lunch that wound up ALL over the place (ugh)

Someone didn't want to take a picture with mama

Tantrum king. I swear he cried about EVERYTHING Friday morning

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A good article

I just read an amazing article from the Huffington post

It hits home today for sure. Sometimes, I dread going to the store. Once upon a time, I had a cooperative, smiley kid. He did so well going to the store, because we had been going to the store since he was teeny-tiny. Now, I have a toddler who screams when he has to go in a cart and then licks the handle of said cart *huge sigh*.

Like most moms (I assume) people tell me how cute gabe is and like the article, to enjoy it because it goes so fast. They are right. I cannot believe that in a month I will be the mother of a two year old. Wasn't I just pregnant?! But, like almost everyone, parent or not, I do not enjoy every moment. I sometimes want to pull my hair out, to just stick gabe in front of the tv so I can have a moment. There are also those days when I realize that I'm not really interacting with him.

Then, the guilt sets in. Jorge, or anyone really, will make some kind of comment about only being this age once. And while I appreciate that fact, sometimes it's just hard. When gabe is throwing a tantrum because he just wants to lick the cream cheese off a bagel instead of eating the bagel, it's hard to appreciate that now, he is seconds older than he was. He is growing up quickly before my eyes.

I may not have kairos moments everyday. I may not enjoy every minute of every day, but I don't think many people do. I go to bed happy, cuddled together with the two men in my life. Maybe I don't want gabe in my bed every night, but he's going to be there. Maybe it's annoying, but it's also adorable and makes my heart melt when he grabs my face and cuddles into it. I think as long as you realize there are moments in our lives that we will never get back, and to appreciate them, there is little more to ask for. If I blog, or put a photo on instagram or Facebook, I'm acknowledging that I love my son and I'm enjoying every moment as best that I can.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wow! I haven't done one of these in awhile. Here are a few pictures from Saturday, Jorge's dad was working on his car and gabe wanted to get in on the action with "Lito"

Titi and auntie jaja (Cristina and jasmin) took gabe to navy pier and he was so excited to see the helicopters.....

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, the photos I am posting today will have a watermark if you can see someone's face. I'm torn about doing this. I have read some "horror" stories about stolen pictures. There is even a little boy whose face has wound up on a t-shirt in brazil! You can read her story Here

It's scary to think someone could just take gabes picture. But, I do put him out there. I have his photos on Facebook, instagram and here in my blog. It's also scary to think that the creepy people out there might be looking at gabe. But, again, I'm the one who's putting him out there. So, I guess the question is do I continue to post pictures of G, and if so, do I add a watermark?

On a very interesting side note....I thought gabe and I were doomed to the swings for life. He would hardly ever leave the swings. Yesterday however, we were at the park and he was actually playing in the house and on the weird corkscrew thingies. I don't know when it happened, but I've got a full blown playground playing kid!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pretty awesome Sunday

We had a great Sunday, despite some rain. We began the day with a trip to Lincoln Park to participate in the WTTW Fun and Run. It was a 3K walk and along the way, you could meet a few sesame street characters, like Elmo, Grover and Cookie. It was a lot of fun. It was much more fun than all of us thought it would be. So I'm totally going to bombard you with a ton of pictures from the walk.

Sidney and gabe dashed for the finish line and then we dashed to the zoo!!

I hope everyone had a good Sunday despite the rain!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Linking up!

Two for one today! I'm going to (successfully) link up again with Rockin Mama

These are the good photos from instagram this week.
1. My sepia-rocks photo challenge picture for owlbolt's weekly photo challenge
2. Sidney and gabe playing before the ear infection really kicked in
3. There's a back up! Finally playing after so much tv watching
4. Little worker. He was helping me hang a picture frame

Seriously, check out this chicks blog!

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Almost better

I'm so lucky today. Jorge has the day off and he is spending it with both of his kids! I get a much needed break from a sick kiddo. I was able to write all the new school info for Molly and Conor in my new planner (lisas too)! I'm a dork, but I love getting new planners. I just cannot switch to putting the stuff on my iPad/iPhone calendar. I need to actually write it down to remember-and there's a lot to remember!

On another good note...gabe is doing much better and my freaking out has calmed down. He finally was fever free all day yesterday. He has however, developed a nice rash all over his body. We called the doctor last night to's a rash commonly associated with amoxicillin. Super. But at least it's not bothering him. Jorge has gotten him to take his pill by grounding it up and putting it in his drinks. So, let's cross our fingers that it keeps working.

Finally playing and not super clingy and sick.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stressed with a sick baby

As most of you know, gabe had a cold and now he has an ear infection. He did really good Monday with taking Tylenol and his antibiotic. Yesterday, not so much. Today, even worse, if that's possible.

He starts crying every time I come near him with his medicine(whichever, it doesn't matter). Then, as soon as the syringe is near his mouth, I'm usually holding him down by this point, he starts spitting. I've been squeezing his cheeks so I can try to either get it in the back of his throat and force him to swallow or in the side of his mouth, where the "magic" spot is. NO LUCK! Somehow, he can spit it out.

I appreciate all of the advice. I've tried every one. He took one sip of juice with the amoxicillin and stopped. I tried putting him in time out. He just cried for 15 minutes and said "no!" when I asked if he'd take his medicine. I put it in pop-no go. I got half a dose of amoxicillin in when I hid it in white yogurt. He swallowed it even! But then wouldn't eat anymore, even once I told him there was no medicine.

In all of this, I'm feeling like the worst mama. I'm not getting enough of what he needs to get better in him. I'm yelling at him when he spits sticky medicine all over me. I'm tired, he got up on Monday and Tuesday at 5:30, usually he sleeps until 7. The doctor prescribed a chewable, reluctantly, so we will see how that goes. Otherwise I'm open to suggestions.

Ps. There's not a whole lot I can do about the comment format so you can leave a comment anonymously and write your name at the end of the comment or just comment on the link on Facebook. Thanks guys!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enjoying the weather

Finally! Some nice weather in Chicago! Unfortunately, gabe passed his cold onto me so we didn't spend that much time outside. We were just too runny and stuffy to enjoy it for too long.

Drawdraw time with his big sis is always a fun time. Gabe only make lines right now, but he LOVES it.

Nap time for a sleepy and sick baby. I just want to kiss that face! (no wonder I got sick too!)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

paper mama photo challenge!

the challenge this time is eyes....

I love me Monday

I am linking up to this awesome new blog I found. It's who I would love to be but can't seem to find in myself. Enjoy!

*What is one thing you always forget and want to punch yourself for?* I forget to keep calm. It's silly, but sometimes I get frustrated at the littlest things. Then I get frustrated with myself...ugh...vicious cycle

*if you could spend 15 minutes with one person of your past, present, living or deceased, who would you choose?* probably my grammie. I miss her alot, and I would like for her to know that Jorge is taking care of me and I'd like to tell her about gabe.

*whats your favorite way to wake up?* usually I wake up to gabe asking for awa, (which is sweet) but I really like to wake up on a Sunday, when Jorge has let me "sleep in" until 8!

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