Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper mama photo challenge

I'm going to give it a shot again. The theme this time is "fall". This is my favorite shot of gabe, popping the leaf filled pumpkin.

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2 year checkup

I love gabes pediatrician. He's very laid back and doesn't really worry about anything, which is kinda a relief because I find myself worrying about goofy things. He's not concerned that gabe is not really gaining weight, I mentioned that I was always really tiny and not concerned. He's also not concerned that he eats only pasta and hot dogs. He basically said kids at this age don't necessarily eat a ton, that was more of a concern with gabe as a newborn/baby.

One concern was Da (his pacifier). Another concern, and only because I brought it up, is co-sleeping, mostly because it will be hard to break. So....we have two very hard habits to break. Jorge and I were planning on waiting until thanksgiving to move gabe to his own bed, because Jorge has the week off and can sleep in if it takes all night. I kinda want to do it NOW. Then, I figure once he's sleeping in his own bed, putting himself to sleep, we can tackle Da.

Here's the thing, I don't mind co-sleeping. I mind the fact that one of us has to go to sleep with gabe because he can't put himself to sleep. He could sleep with us for another year (just skip this part mom) if he could just go to bed by himself. So, try to put him in his bed and start the whole process there, or try having him put himself to sleep in our bed?

I have so many pictures of gabe and Da....

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Shit I hate Sundays

Yes, I know that it is Monday, and that I just posted something, but deal. I had a sucky day of my own making yesterday and I wish that I had gone online and looked at the rockin mama. I have wanted to do this link up for a while, but one of us was always off. here we go.....

Shit I hate.....blocks. I'm sorry (kinda) to everyone who got gabe blocks for his birthday, but I hate them. They are always ALL over!

Shit I hate.....coats. What?! Yes, I hate wearing coats because I feel like I'm suffocating! I turned into a bitch at Costco because my coat was suffocating me!

Shit I hate.....expectations. I know, vague. But I hate expectations put on me and I really hate when I have expectations, I (almost) always get let down or let someone down.

Shit I hate.....being bitchy. Yesterday, I was bitchy for no reason and that made me even madder. I just couldn't stop being angry, ya know?

Shit I hate.....Halloween. Yep, I hate being scared so I have always hated Halloween because i think people are just waiting to scare me.

Shit I hate.....being afraid to blog with so many shits. I don't know why I'm afraid of what people think. I'm not even sure how many people read this. I just don't usually swear so I did feel hesitant about this.

Shit I hate.....being fat, ok not fat, just not as skinny as I used to be and not healthy. I feel like I have gained back any weight I lost or any inches. It sucks.

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Trick or treat!!!

Saturday was the annual trick or treating sponsored by Lincoln square businesses.
We went last year and had tons of fun. This year, I knew it was either going to be super great or not so great. Gabe doesn't really have a middle ground right now.

It went well. Gabe mostly ate suckers and we were also watching baby j and I think he had fun. It was a little chilly and a little crowded, but overall a good day. (I'm kinda glad that I wont be going trick or treating on Halloween! Jorge was a little crazy)

I could not get a picture where gabe and I were both looking in the same direction!

We did a lot this weekend, like always, but I'm going to space things out so that I have more things to talk about!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

My life rocks!

So, the rockin' mama hasn't put up her link for my life rocks, but I haven't done an instagram update in a while so here it comes! Be prepared for gabe overload! (so sorry....um...not really)

Gabe put his ambi in a im out. (ambulance in a time out, of course!)

Fall is back. At least I can enjoy my pumpkin coffee without sweating

Not sure why gabes wearing a box on his head. *sidney commented that it was the new trend*

Passed out (at like 5 pm)

Serious truck playing

I love seeing how his mind works

Gabe loves lumpy

What?! Drinking from a cup?!

Sidney sporting a turkey hat *i personally think this is a new trend*

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gabes eating baby food

Wait! What?!

Yep you read that right. My two year old is once again eating baby food. He has recently decided that he likes applesauce so I thought I would give some other fruits a try. He only eats bananas, strawberries, mandarin oranges and the occasional apple. He eats no veggies except corn once in a while. I want him to eat something healthy so I'm giving mixed fruits baby food a try. Yesterday he ate pineapples and pears. He used to love pineapple chunks but now refuses, so i think this is our best option right now. It's better than no fruit, right?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Fall was here last week and I'm sure it's return is just around the corner. I'm amazed with the amount of fun and entertainment that leaves can provide. Gabe loves to put them in dump trucks and he and Kyle can throw them in the air and at each other forever.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

So much better

I'm feeling better so far this week. It was a really rough week, last week. I'm not sure what was going on, but I was angry, annoyed and not interested in anything. Yesterday was a great day and today started with a great walk, so I'm trying to keep positive.

We were busy this weekend, again. As Megan would say, it was a normal weekend for us. Saturday I didn't really spend with the family, I babysat (finally!!!) almost all day. I brought gabe with me in the morning and he got along great with Bella and Sebastian. He was playing tea party with Bella and it was soooo cute!

He also had fun playing with a snake (nake) all by himself.

Jorge and Sidney picked him up before lunch and then they went to our favorite toy store, quake, for an autograph session with admiral something or other from star wars. I guess it was pretty awesome. Seriously, if you like old school toys and are in the Chicago area, check out this place!!

Sunday was beautiful. The weather was perfect! We were originally going to go to the pumpkin farm, but decided that the drive wasn't worth it, when you'd have to pay $30-$40 just to go into the field of pumpkins. (and we had bought pumpkins from target anyways). Jorge, Sidney, my mom and myself (gabe too) went to the flea market. It was a good day, we got a fancy wooden highchair for $25! Awesome!

Afterwards, Jorge, Sidney and gabe cleaned up the front yard that was full of leaves. They did a great job and it looks like gabe had a lot of fun.

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the great day yesterday!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seriously unplugged

I have been so out of it, electronically and today, emotionally.

Let's start with being unplugged. For some reason, this week I have checked Facebook and instagram, but none of my favorite blogs. I've hardly been on pinterest. I've actually had to make myself go on pinterest! (because I know you've seen me pin stuff). I would look at Facebook and instagram and see the little pinterest app and think...well I guess I should look. What is wrong with me? It's not like I've lost interest in my favorite blogs, or that they have been uninteresting lately, I just....I just don't know really.

I also have had no desire to blog recently. The last blog I posted felt more like a chore than enjoyable. Usually when I go to bed a few topics are swimming around in my brain. I even being to outline some of the ideas, but this week...nada. This is totally going against my "I've got goals people!" post

And today...watch out world! I'm so crabby and annoyed AT EVERYTHING! I'm not sure why. I had a headache yesterday, and my super great daddy brought me my meds, and I kinda feel like it may be coming back. I don't know if that's why I'm in a funk. Or maybe the weather today? It so gloomy outside, just rain already! (see, I told you!)

So after all my ranting I would like to apologize for not blogging lately. Hopefully this weekend will bring something new and inspiring and I will feel less crabby.

This is me today :(

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Playdate, gallery opening and birthdays

Omg. I know that I always say this, but we were soooo busy this weekend! I put gabe to sleep Friday, everyone went to bed together late Saturday, and I put gabe to sleep last night too. Really, I have a tons of photos, a ton of editing, and a ton of watermarks to insert.

Friday was a playdate at the kohls children's museum in glenview with Peyton and Erika (Vicky and Kristina for me). Gabe....oh I don't even know what to say....thank god the girls were there to hang out with each other because gabe was kinda a mess. He was having a great time, except every time we had to go to the next section. Then, he threw himself on the ground, screamed and cried. Was my face red. I did get some cute pictures of non-meltdown time.

Seriously? A basket of avocados? He would never eat them!

Friday wasn't over after the playdate. We also went to a gallery opening that night. One of our very close friends, bill, just opened a gallery in portage park. It's so awesome to have a real gallery in the neighborhood. He also does custom pieces, and framing. It was my first gallery outing ever and I'm glad it was for bill.

Did our weekend end there? No, not at all. Saturday, October 13, was the day of birthdays. It's my dads, Jorge's dads and Megan's birthdays. My mom and dad were in Alton, visiting friends and reffing football games, so we went out for Jorge's dads (and jasmins17th!!) birthday. Gabe was actually pretty well behaved considering how he's been acting lately.

He was making his giraffes kiss (oh man, looking at this photo gabe really needs a hair cut!)

Yesterday was spent recuperating and installing our new water heater (ugh). I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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