Birth Story

gabes conception and birth....

don't worry, i won't go into the gorey details.  when i got pregnant, i was still undecided about having kids. i kept worrying about the timing, about money, about being a good mom.  i was on birth control and i decided to finish my last pack and just go for it. we were not actively trying to have a baby.  if it happened, it happened. and boy did it happen! i was not even off of the pill for a week and i was pregnant!

at first i just thought that i had the flu. also, i have never been regular (ok too much info but it goes with the story) so i wasn't thinking about morning sickness. a few weekends earlier, i had invited both of our families over for brunch.  both thought i had big news. but, i didn't even know yet.

back to that fateful friday....i was so sick and i asked my mom if i should take a test. she said i should (the first time she told me that i should) and when jorge and i were alone that night i did. WOW! i was panicky.  jorge was too. he made us go to my moms house and take another test. after that one was positive, we just kinda wandered around target, wondering, panicking and being excited.

the nine months that i was pregnant were not super wonderful.  i know that women have it worse then i did, but i was uncomfortable for most of it.  i was sick the first three months.  after that, my feet and ankles were so swollen and sore.  my blood pressure was also a small issue.  i am sure that i worried about it more than my doctors did.  it was also the HOTTEST SUMMER EVER! i hate being hot in the first place.  being pregnant and hot was not a great combo for me. i also put on quite a bit of weight, going from 134 to 202! yikes!

when i was almost eight months pregnant jorge, me and his family flew to kauai, hawaii.  it was not the best vacation for me since i was almost at my heaviest and my feet were like two cement blocks. but soon i would have a wonderful baby boy. i could not wait any longer, especially since he had already dropped and it felt like i had to put my arms under my belly when i walked because he was so heavy. (i know im complaining, but for me it was really uncomfortable)

on september 28th, 2010 i was admitted to labor and delivery to be induced.  on tuesday, september 29th, after only progressing to 4/5 centimeters, i opted for a c-section.  just before 10pm i heard the cries of a baby boy who i immediately decided would be Gabriel Jesus Robert Sanchez. my wonderful little man was born 7.7 lbs and 19 inches long.

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