Friday, March 30, 2012

Surprise family day

(minus one)

Today Jorge and I both had the day off! Awesome! We have been doing so much on the new place that we haven't had time together. It was nice to just be us for a change and not be worrying about getting somewhere with something. We just kinda went where we haven't been in ages.

First, we went to brunch at kitsch'n. Thank you groupon! It was delicious and little man ate a ton, even eggs. He won't eat eggs if I make them for him, but he will eat other people's eggs. Then we went to a bunch of stores, including the toy store. It was the first time that gabe had been there and realized everything that was around...and he chose dave's broom. Seriously, he swept the store almost the whole time that we were there.

It was such a nice day, and now I am exhausted so good night!

Wait! We grilled the other night and gabe was being so funny. He kept looking and talking to the grill, I swear he was telling it to hurry up. Also, he wore his adorable hat. So, I cant help myself, here are a few more...

He also took his own picture with jorges phone.

K, now I'm done. Night.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brookfield zoo

Yesterday, gabe and I went to the zoo with my cousin Colleen, her daughter Samantha and my aunt Judy. It was alot of fun after a very bad start. My car wouldnt start and then we got stuck by an unmoving train (ugh). But then it was alot of fun! We went last year, around the end of June and gabe still wasn't walking and molly carried him in the baby backpack. He kind of knew what was going on last year, but this year was amazing! He pointed out animals and got excited about the giraffes and the down-downs (aka dolphins and seals).

I am sad that he is growing up so quickly, but I am also so amazed at how much he understands. He is constantly saying new words that I didn't even know that he knew. We were playing with his little people zoo animals the other day, and the next day he said his version of ostrich while holding the ostrich! Amazing!

So, I'll stop babbling about my kid and instead overwhelm you with pictures from the zoo.

And yes, he did wear the hat all day. He wanted to wear it too! So adorable.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

million little things


but this is how i really feel. i feel like pulling my (pink) hair out most days lately. this is only the second time that i have ever moved, and it is alot of work! it especially is alot of work with a toddler. i have huge lists of things to do, a million little things, and i feel like before i know it, it's naptime or bedtime. i havent even accomplished half of the list by then. i am not one to stay up late to finish things, but maybe i should start?

gabe has been having a hard time with things somedays, which makes things even harder. yesterday for example, he threw a fit about everything. the day was spent in tears. ok, not the whole day, but it sure felt like it. at least i got the grocery shopping done!

i wonder about all of those bloggers who find time not only to play with their kids, but blog and be crafty. how do they do it?! i want to do it! hopefully i will have time to be more crafty/creative after we move. i really cannot wait to start making candles. hopefully you guys cannot wait to start buying my candles!

G is sleeping, instead of sitting here on the computer i am going to get stuff done!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boats, cars, pirate ships....

All things that makes a little boy, my guy loves. Who knew? Gabe loves saying airplane, truck, choo-choo, bus and car. He talks about them when we are in the car. He even shouts out the window at passing vehicles. I'm not really into all of those kind of things, and Jorge wasn't into them either so it's a little bit of unknown territory for us.

Gabe was also given a pirate ship that he loves to play with. It was one of the best gifts because it's really helped him with small motor skills like putting the pirates on the ship. It's a mega block ship so it's the first step to him building with blocks.

Yesterday, we spent the day with gabes two girlfriends, Maggie and Lucy. We went to the children's museum in glenview. I was afraid that it would still be a little too old for gabe but he had a great time! We spent alot of time in the car section (of course) and Maggie and gabe really loved the water works part.

Gabe also like to pretend to paint the house. Wonder where he got that idea? :)

Lucy had a great time even though there wasnt a lot for her to do yet!

Gabe was totally wiped out afterward! It was a great day!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy busy bees

Ok, I can't hold it in anymore. We are moving. It has been alot of work, and we aren't even ready yet. We still have half a house to pack!

So, if I am not writing anything it's because I am busy packing or unpacking and trying to sleep to start all over again! Also, I didn't spend hardly any time with gabe this weekend. He spent the weekend with my inlaws so that we could get some work done (removing wallpaper is officially my least favorite thing to do, well, unless you count raking).

Gabe has grown up so much, sometimes I don't see the little baby that I once had. He loves being outside. He has spent as much time outside as he can and you can tell. He has scrapes and bruises all over. I love it though! I was never an outsidey kinda person, but I try to get out at least for a few minutes for G. It has been great weather here. Although I am having a hard time turning on the air-conditioning in march. It is the first day of spring and it's 80!? At least it makes getting outside easier.

Oh my! What knees!

Gabe looks so grown up in these pictures, hard to believe at this time last year he was only eating mashed bananas.

Hopefully I will have some time to write. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Goodbye winter....hello summer?! What is going on with the weather? I'm not complaining, I'm just sweating in mid-march. How weird. Gabe is totally loving being outside. He would not fall asleep on our walk today because he was so busy looking at everything! Here are just a few of my favorite gettin outside pictures

Um....yep. My goofy kid decided to wear his winter monkey hat this morning. Gotta love him!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Lucifer, my cat, had always been my baby. That is until gabe came. Admittedly, I started to pay less attention to him once I had a baby to care for. Now that gabe is older, I spend a little more time with my fuzzy baby, but gabe wants to spend tons of time with him. Of course, he is not always gentle, but we are working on it. Gabe really loves lucifer, and here are some pictures to show their brotherly love.

Gabe loves to lay on lucifer like he is a pillow, especially when lucifer is purring.

Lucifer looks only a little annoyed with my crazy kid.

Gabe was trying to share his milk with lucifer.

Best buds.

Gabe loves lucifer, hopefully lucifer loves him just as much.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick little love note...

My little man, I love you so much. You are cracking me up right now. You put Elmo and your big giraffe in your jeep walker and are pushing them around. You are the light of my life and I just wanted to share with everyone how much I love you!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo challenge

Ok guys, I want to enter photo challenge again but I need your help. I have a bunch of photos that I like from february so if you guys can help me choose that would be great!

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Sushi birthday time

Yum! Sidney and I got to eat sushi yesterday for our friends Dave and staceys daughters birthday. It was sooooo good. Also, the party was so much fun. Although I am not sure how much fun L had because she was a little fussy, but so adorable.
(happy first birthday L!)

It was so cute when she was eating her birthday cupcake. It was all over her face. I totally remembered how gabe had it ALL over on his birthday. He was actually doing a good job with his cupcake, getting most of it in his mouth.

But before cupcakes, we had the best food! Sidney and I love sushi and Thai food and alot of other things that Jorge really isnt into. Gabe however, was enjoying the food. We had a pork ramen noodle soup and gabe liked the noodles and loved the chopsticks!

I tried the dragon roll and it was so good! I have really grown from just eating a California roll. The guy who was making the sushi also made this incredibly delicious roll for us. It was not on the menu, he just made it for the table. YUM! I'm glad that Sidney likes different types of food, and it seem that gabe can be adventurous at times too. I almost forgot, he loved loved loved the tempura carrots. We will have to remember that the next time we get sushi. Hopefully I can convince Jorge to go back to the place we were at, tampopo.

Thanks Dave and Stacey for inviting us to join in celebrating L's first birthday! She is adorable and it was so much fun!

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