Friday, February 7, 2014

sidney had a dream about my mom….

Hi Jenny! I feel it is important to tell you about my dream last night.
Last night as I was having dreams like I usually do about running from something
or something like that. Then there was this weird transition to a different dream where
you me dad and gabe were at the house. You me and dad were sitting on the couch
and gabe was playing with his toys and running around. As we were siting down I saw
your mom. And I said look Jenny it's your mom! But you and dad said no! Nothing's
there! And I said no I see her she's right here! And you guys said "I don't believe you!"
And I said okay fine. Then your mom said "it's okay they usually can't see me but that's
okay" and I asked her what she was doing here and why only I could see her. She
said she just wanted to stop by to check out the place. And I was the only one who
could see her. Then she told me to tell you she said hi. So I told you and you still didn't
believe me. So I told her to tell me stuff only you and her would know. So she told me
stuff and I was telling you and you guys were laughing together and crying. Then you
were just sitting down. And she was just watching gabe playing and running around
and she was smiling. Then she said "well...I have to go" while the whole time still
looking at gabe. Then she said "tell them I love them and I'm always watching after
them" and then I said can't you stay? And she just nodded her head no but she was
still Watching gabe. Then she turned away and looked around the house.
(By the way I forgot to mention she was sitting on the new couch with her arms up on it
like she was relaxing) then as she was looking around she patted the couch with her
hands and said "nice couch" then she disappeard and I had a totally different dream.
Also in my dream she was wearing a grey shirt and a necklace that was like a pearl.
And she was wearing jeans and I couldn't tell shoes. She had short hair. So that was
my dream about your mom and I think she would want me to tell you.

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