Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flea market Sunday

I know that I keep saying this, but I really want to get better at blogging. Sometimes, family time is waaaaay more important. Gabe is not going to be age ever again, and I don't think we are going to have any more, so I really want to enjoy the time that we have and not worry so much about blogging.

Anyways, I did do a good job of getting pictures over this long holiday weekend. Saturday we did alot of work around the house, and I went out for my birthday. Sunday started bright and early with a trip to the flea market. We wanted to get there early so that we could get these AMAZING apple fritters. I know, food from the flea market?! But, these are awesome! And from a real bakery so do not fear. We didn't get anything else really, except really really hot!

Mama, no more flea market

Gabe was in his wagon the whole time, but he wiped out as soon as we got in the car. Too much flea market (and heat).

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Stepping out Saturday!

A few girlfriends and I went out Saturday night for my birthday. I had a great time (maybe a little too much of a great time). We went out for Thai food and then went to a new restaurant, Bread and Wine. It was very grown up of us to be sitting at the bar drinking wine. We even sat and talked with the owners which was pretty cool.

So, I wanted to share with you what I wore, since I actually dressed up for the night.

What I wore:
Black skinny cords: Old Navy
Red sparkly top: Carson's
Red clutch: vintage from Seek
Shoes: Iron Fist (Xmas gift from hubby)

I just had to post a close up of my awesome shoes! I looooove them! They are from Iron Fist which is a super cool line of shoes with cool colors and skulls. Love them!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

They say it's your birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday.

It's weird. I feel like 32 is really old. I mean more like its really a grown-up sounding age. There are times when I feel so much younger than I am. It's hard to describe, but sometimes I feel like a kid pretending to be a grown up. It's not because I collect toys like my hubby, it's not because I'm not responsible, there are just times when I think that I cannot possibly be a mommy and be in my thirties.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Laid back

Wow! This weekend flew by but in a good way.

This is gabe right now. I unfortunately only have one picture from the weekend. I can't wait until I get an iphone (which I don't want, but my current android is dying) and then I can be apart of the cloud and have TONS of pictures to share with you guys!

Back to the weekend....Saturday was errand day. We discovered that we have poison ivy *gross* and we have ALOT of it. It is throughout the whole front, in the back, and along the fence. So we were on a hunt to find the perfect poison ivy killer, that wouldn't leave us without some of the things that we've planted. Then we grilled hot dogs and burgers for lunch. It's so nice to be able to grill! It's the best food, we eat so much more healthy when we grill. We grilled dinner on Sunday too!

Sidney had a party to go to and gabe got picked up by Jorge's sisters so...we had a date! I cannot remember the last time that Jorge and I were alone and there wasn't anything pressing to do. We went to dinner, I even had a drink (!) and hardly talked about the kids. It was nice to just be us for a change.

Sunday was more house time. We unpacked a few boxes and hung up a few pictures. The place is finally starting to feel like home. We still have to tackle the poison ivy, but there's always next weekend! (my birthday weekend!)

Here's a cute picture of gabe from jasmin. Happy Monday!

Oh yeah...Molly forced me to join pinterest...there goes my free time!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art project

Ok, I have been obsessed with all of these crafty blogs that I read. I haven't had the time to be crafty in a loooooong time. The last time that I was probably really artsy was when I was pregnant and I made a painting for gabes room. It's still not finished though so I'm not going to post a picture just yet.

Anyways, there was this really cool project over at a beautiful mess

It's my first time doing a post like this so the pictures aren't that great and I forgot to take a beginning picture...but, I hope you guys like it and maybe give it a try!

Well, the real first step is to find a painting at a thrift store or the flea market. It doesn't matter what the picture is, because you are going to paint over it. I got a painting of a girl for $1! It had a great frame and great colors.

The next step is to select a quote to put on your painting. I selected "love makes a family". You need to buy letter stickers and a light paint color. I used a very pale pink.

Then, you layout the phrase or quote on your painting. See? My painting is of a scary girl, but cheap and good colors.

I put a light coat of paint on to start with. I probably put on about four coats because of the bright colors, they were a little hard to cover up.

Then, once you feel like you have enough coats, you need to let it dry. I wasn't very patient, but I did manage to wait for and hour. Also, remember that you have to be able to pull off the stickers so don't put too many coats of paint on.

After it dries, you can pull off the stickers. I think if I chose a little bit bigger stickers (or maybe let it dry longer) they would have come off really easy. Now, you have a cool painting to hang up.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


When I was pregnant, I hoped for an independent kid. I have to admit that I was not, and sometimes still not, very independent. I didn't go away to college because I didn't want to be all alone in such a big place. Silly, i know. I still get a little nervous doing something new by myself.

Back to gabe....I babysat a family with very independent kids. The mom could do her crafts while the kids played upstairs. I always though this was great because I also babysat a kid who always needed someone to play with and he was almost seven. I feel that by seven you should at least be able to play by yourself for a few minutes while mom (or babysitter) makes dinner or whatever.

Gabe likes to play with me and other kids. He is also very capable of playing by himself for awhile. It's not a long time since he is only one, but I am happy that he is developing an imagination and independent play. Today, for example, I was doing the dishes and started hearing car sounds. I looked over and gabe was driving his cars and trucks all over. Each one was making a noise. Yes! I have a kid who can play by himself sometimes!

He didn't even know that I was taking his picture....well almost didn't know...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I have been trying to get a picture of gabe having a meltdown, but then he starts screaming "dop it" aka stop it and tries to hide. Here are a few blurry ones that I was able to get yesterday during tantrum #200 (ok, it just seemed like it was that many)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anger management

Ok. I admit it. I have anger issues. Sometimes, over the littlest thing, I will get super angry. Most of the time, it is at work. The other half of the time, it's directed at my family. Not gabe, but Jorge and other family members.

My ager can take different forms. Sometimes, I walk around moving things and muttering under my breath. I swear. I say things that I don't really mean. Then there are the times when I totally lash out....blood boiling, fists clenched and screaming.

Here's the thing. After I get so angry at someone/something else, I get angry at myself. I think that I'm crazy for getting so mad. But in the out! Alot of the times, my angry outbursts are followed by tears. Not only am I an angry person at times, I am just an all around emotional person, crying at commercials.

Today, was one of those days. I was not at my best. It was a long, busy weekend where I felt like things I wanted to do didn't get done. I didn't get alot of sleep and I was set off by the stupidest little thing. I lost my cool. Then I cried because I lost it. I feel so messed up. Sometimes, I wonder if I should go see someone. I don't want to be on medication though, and I think alot of times that is the first answer. I'm sure they are helpful, I just don't want them. I want to be emotional, to feel, just not quite so strongly all of the time.

Is there someone out there who has some advice? I could really use some. Thanks.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Gabes favorite things

One of gabes favorite things to do is read books. He likes to read them with me and also by himself. We used to read stories at bed time, but now that he is going to sleep in our bed, he isn't getting stories. We are going to have to work on that because I was always a big time reader and I want gabe to enjoy reading just as much.

Another favorite thing of gabes is to draw, draw (as he says). He doesn't really draw anything, he mostly likes to hold the crayons or markers. Yes, I let him use markers because he really wants to use a pen and I don't want him using a pen. He asked to draw draw all of the time. Especially if I am writing anything, he wants to do it too.

Cleaning. Gabe cannot get enough of cleaning or vacuuming. He thinks everything is a vacuum, even Sidney's light saber is now a vacuum. He got him a toy vacuum yesterday at the flea market so hopefully he will be more interested in his vacuum and less interested in ours. He also loves to wipe up messes, he will even clean the windows.

Finally, gabes other favorite thing to do is go outside. I was never one to spend alot of time outside, but now I find myself outside alot. Even if it's chilly outside, gabe wants to be there. He loves to be on the swings at the park. And like any kid, he loves bubbles. He has a wheelbarrow and a lawn mower so he can be just like daddy and take care of the lawn.

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No Internet

We have no Internet. There's some mixup with our phone number and our number doesn't exist. How does that happen? Anyways, we don't have any kind of Internet connection, not even one we can "borrow".

It's so frustrating. You never realize how much you depend on something until you no longer have it. It's hard to believe that there was a time without cell phones and the Internet. I try to tell Sidney and Molly and conor about going to the library to do research and having to look stuff up on microfiche. They have no idea how easy they have it! And what is it going to be like when gabe is old enough to be writing papers? It's kinda scary to think about how far technology may be in ten years.

Back to my Internet-less home...since I don't have the Internet, I cannot check my emails, Facebook or any of the blogs that I follow. It also means that I cannot publish my blog. So, I am writing this on Saturday night and maybe I will be able to post it Monday morning.

Hope everyone had a great mothers day!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

People pleaser

Raise your hand if you are a people pleaser. *hand way up in the air* (you want to make them happy right?)

I have always known that I was a people pleaser. I used to call it catholic guilt. Then I also blamed my mom, I wanted to please her after all. But it has recently come to my attention that it's all my fault. I just want people to be happy. I want people to be happy so much, sometimes (ok, alot of the time) my own happiness is lost.

With the move, I realized that I want Jorge, my mom, everyone to be happy and comfortable, even if it means I'm not. How does that make sense? But it's true. I would rather have everyone else get what they want, even if it means I am unhappy. On one hand it seems really nice, wanting to make others happy. But on the other hand, I am usually left unhappy. Even while I am typing this, I am thinking if I will upset anyone. Is there something wrong with me? Are there others of you out there?

Take this weekend for example. We are jam-packed with things to do. I want to do them all, just not in the same day. That's not an option though, so I will do them all on Saturday and leave the stuff I really want to do for another day. I will enjoy the things I'm doing and the people I'm with, but I wish it wasn't all packed into one day. After just moving, I would like to get more things in order and maybe relax. I think I will just have to save the relaxing for gabes nap time.

I would usually not tell anyone how I feel, so that no one felt bad, but I guess i just put it all out there for whoever reads this.

These are of gabe dancing to "bubble guppies" his new favorite show. He begs for it. Again, I just want my kid to love me so I let him watch all 25 minutes of it. I hate it in a way, although I know that tv I unavoidable, especially since I love it so much!

So I know this was a bit rambling, sorry about that. I had alot I wanted to say and not really an organized way to say it. Hopefully I am not the only people pleaser out there.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm baaaack!

Whew! The past few weeks have been crazy busy, and I'm so glad that it's going to slow down a little.

So if you have been following my blog for awhile you know that I have had issues with gabe taking naps. Mostly, I have had to hold him while he slept. It gradually changed to me being able to lay him on the couch after rocking him to sleep. That didnt always last the whole nap though. I would usually wind up holding him for some of his nap. Lately, (and I'm totally going to jinx myself here) he has been putting himself to sleep on the couch. Awesome! Now if only we could get bedtime back under control.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

After going to dance tonight, I had a moment to myself while my two boys were sound asleep, so I thought I would share a cute picture of gabe from today.

He was trying so hard to open the bubbles, but everytime I opened them and blew bubbles he had no interest in them! Men! I didn't realize it started so early.

Hopefully we will have another nice day tomorrow (and Saturday!!!)

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