Friday, December 30, 2011

Flashback Friday

Today's flashback is from December 29, 2007. It is the day that I finally got Jorge to marry me! (it just took 8 years)

It was a crazy time. I picked the date because I knew that the church would be decorated for Christmas and I wanted to have all of the beautiful flowers and decorations. It also saved us from having to by flowers for the church.

I don't want to write a whole lot about this day because even though it is such an amazing and important day in my life, it is also sad in a way. I no longer speak to my maid of honor or one of my bridesmaids. I did have two junior bridesmaids though. Jasmin and Sidney were both junior bridesmaids.

We had an awesome reception. We had a mariachi band playing during cocktails. They were amazing. We also had a beautiful cake that was also extremely delicious. I don't think I was a bridezilla at all. I just was upset that it was taking so long to get through dinner because I really wanted to get to the dancing.

Jorge and I had the traditional first dance. We danced to "god only knows" by joss stone. Then my dad and I had our father daughter dance. We danced to "daddy's little girl" and then it broke into "pink Cadillac" it was so much fun because it was unexpected. We didnt practice but I had people ask how long we practiced!

We danced all night long! It was awesome! I know I keep saying that but it really was an amazing night.

We have this picture on a canvas above our tv.

This picture is one of my very favorites.

Four years later and we are still going strong. If it wasn't for this wedding gabe wouldn't be here. I told Jorge that I wouldn't have children without being married first. Shortly after our two year anniversary I found out that I was pregnant.

I hope you enjoyed this flashback. I also hope that everyone has a very happy new year!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time to play!

Finally, gabe and I had time to just sit down and play today. First we were sick, then it seemed like we were always on the go. We had to go to the store or to see the family or to a party. It just felt like we were never home long enough to sit down and play.

He was actually playing like a kid today too. He was playing with his animals on the mat, not just moving stuff from one box to the floor or handing it to me. Of course, he did hold on tight to his giraffe. He was even giving it kisses, which involve putting the giraffes nose in his mouth. Too cute this kid!

I have also decided that it might not be ideal, but it's ok that gabe spends some time in our bed. Yes, it's a little annoying, but I secretly love it too. I love waking up and realizing that I'm cuddling with my little guy. I won't do this forever. I'm hoping not past two. For now, it's sweet and most of the time everyone sleeps so it's better than running back and forth from our bed to his room trying to get him to sleep. Nap time, now that's a different story.....something to be worked on after Christmas break.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is a kinda big's our four year wedding anniversary!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays and sickies

Oh my have we been busy! Gabe had the stomach flu Monday, and that sucked. It sucked even more on Tuesday evening when I got the stomach flu! I have to say, I have been this sick in a LONG time. I was so weak and tired and running to the bathroom over and over. Thankfully, Jorge was still off from work and was able to take care of gabe for me (mostly)

Lysol and hand soap have been my best friends for the past few days. Especially, when Jorge thought that he might be coming down with a head cold. Please, no more! I would like a healthy house for a bit! Luckily it seems like we are finally rid of the horrible leftover effects of the flu.

It was a great second Christmas for my little man. He got tons of great gifts and tons of love. Christmas is a whirlwind with our family.

Christmas eve is spent with the Sanchez family. We usually have dinner there, this year was tamales. Then we played loteria, which is like bingo. We open presents at midnight. Then Jorge, gabe, Sidney and I go back home and guess what? Santa has come by and left us more gifts.

It's around 1AM and we open those gifts. Sidney usually stays up for awhile playing, I go to sleep because it's not over yet. We get up and go to the Klein house because Santa has also left gifts there for us. This is usually around 9. We have doughnuts and open gifts and then go back home for a few hours. Yesterday gabe took an awesome nap. Then we go to my aunts at 1:30/2 for more food and family and gifts! It's a crazy two days and I am exhausted!

Isn't he handsome?

I hope everyone had a freest holiday surrounded by the ones that they love!
Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick baby

Jorge and I woke up this morning around one to find gabe in two piles of puke. Yuck was my first impulse, then concern that my little man was so sick.

It is the most horrible thing to have a baby who is throwing up. They don't know what's going on. You cant explain it. You can only hold them while they are sick on your shoulder. Gabe was really upset when he was getting sick. He was afraid, you could see it in his face. My heart was breaking.

My mom always stayed up with my brother and I when we were sick. I am glad that Jorge stayed up with us. It was nice to have the support when all I wanted to do was make gabe better (and get some sleep for him and I)

Gabe seems to be doing better now. Hopefully it was just something he ate, not like the stomach flu or something like that. I'd hate to have a sick kid on Christmas, Tim and I were always taking turns being sick on Christmas.

Besides being woken up to a sick kid, this weekend was pretty great. Gabe got his picture taken with Santa twice. Once by himself and once with Sidney. He didn't cry, but wasn't so sure of the whole thing.

Both grandpas got to see how big gabe has gotten recently. Yes, both see him regularly, but this weekend they realized that he is more like a kid than a baby. He spent time with his abuelito without his titis and then he played ball with my dad. I know that my dad had a lot of fun.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

flashback friday!

this is a real flashback! this is from april of 2007. we were not even married yet!

we took a family trip to mexico. it was a wonderful experience that i hope to one day have again. jorge, sidney, me, jorge's parents and his sisters all drove to mexico in two cars. i think it made us all closer. i really felt more accepted by the family after this trip.

first, we went to where jorge's mom is from, san luis potosi. it was beautiful! we were there for easter and there was a huge procession that had all of the people from the village participating. we stayed with jorges grandfather, in the house jorges mom grew up in. it is so big and beautiful. i am glad sidney was able to see it and i hope one day that gabe gets to see it.

then, we went to durango, where jorge's dad is from. we stayed in the house that he grew up in. much more of his family still lives in mexico. jorges grandmother will never leave, neither will his aunt inez. jorges uncle also lives nearby. he lives in a small house with no running water and he loves it.

my trip to mexico made me want to retire there. it is so beautiful. we went to a few markets where you can get so many different things, from food to art. i stood out of course. not only because of my blonde hair, but because i hardly speak any spanish, although i am working on it. it is not something that i will ever forget.

*side note* i remember thinking that i looked fat in that dress. funny, now i couldnt even fit in the size that the dress was. it is funny (and sad) how skewed ones perception can be sometimes. looking at these pictures, i would love to be that size again!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sick mommy

Yuck! I am sick. It is one of those sucky colds where one minute you are kinda ok and then the next your whole body is aching and your nose is stuffed and your throat is killing you. Did I say yuck?

Poor gabe had a rough day yesterday. He got two shots and I have confirmed that he is getting three teeth. He was such a brave kid at the doctor (well not really, he cried when they took his temperature) but I thought he deserved mcdonalds. I will not fool anyone, we are not always the healthiest eaters. I made his food when he was starting solids, but not because I wanted him to be healthier, just because it was cheaper and I had the time.


Yesterday was an amazing day for one reason...gabe slept in the pack and play (and thru the doorbell ringing) for almost two hours! I didn't know what to do with myself. I was so proud of him! Why? I'm not sure I just feel like he is growing up and realizing that he doesn't need to be held, mommy is not leaving.


When he woke up he was full of energy and we played hide and seek with the ottoman.

Like his banana hairdo? I just love this kid so much! I can't believe that he is such a boy now and not so much a baby.

Everyone cross their fingers that our neighbor Jen has a healthy baby boy today!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Random photos, including gabe meeting his idol!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday craziness

Oh my the holidays are here! One part of me is excited and the other half of me is over it already. I am super excited that gabe will be more aware of what's going on this year. I like buying presents too, but this year for some reason I feel pressured, like I won't get good enough gifts. Jorge, for example, is THE hardest person to shop for.

I haven't had a lot of time to write because gabe is keeping me pretty busy these days. Right now he is swiffering. It's one of his favorite activities. He even has his own toy broom. Besides sweeping, he is getting into everything! It's a fine line, I think, letting him explore but also setting boundaries.

This past weekend was packed with shopping and family. Saturday we went shopping with our dear friend, gabes godfather, javi. Then we went to jorges parents house to watch a boxing match. Gabe entertained everyone by running around and around their island. it is really funny. I don't know how he doesn't make himself dizzy. My sister in law made us a yummy lasagna dinner. (I really miss cooking)

We left gabe and Sidney at my in laws for the night so that we could go to an adult birthday party. Can you believe it? Going out as an adult two weekends in a row! I have to say though, it was like pulling teeth to get me to go. What can I say, I'm still self conscious about how I look. And, I knew no one at the party had kids so no one had a post baby body.

Sunday I slept until almost 10:30! I don't know the last time that happened! (partly because I might have been a little hungover) I missed gabe but I have to say every time it gets a little better. It's still hard, but not as hard as it was in the beginning, especially the sleeping over part. We had Sunday dinner at my moms, one of my favorites, chicken and gravy! Gabe was hilarious with the mashed potatoes, they were everywhere. Then the four of us went shopping at the HIP. We got some really great deals, and I got some nice grown up party tops.

That's something I realized recently....I only have tshirts. I have nothing to wear for the holidays or parties. But now, thanks to a gift card and my mommy I have three really cute sparkly shirts.

Watching the snow this morning.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The little things...

It amazes me everyday, the things gabe can do! Here he is saying happy. Just out of the blue, he started saying happy.

(I really wanted to put a video up, but I have to get a YouTube account so it will be here soon!)

He says other weird words and phrases too. Like "yeppy" or "good job" sometimes he only says them once and you never hear it again. He was saying cat a lot one week and now he won't say it anymore. I have been trying to teach him please. I think he started saying it today, but it's hard to tell.

Yesterday he was touching his and mollys hair and nose when asked. It was so cool. We read this book about bubbles with Bert and Ernie and Elmo, the bubbles are on a nose, toes and hair. I always touch these spots to help teach him and I guess it really was working!

Another new thing that gabe has begun to do is talk on the phone. It's so funny! If he actually has someone on the phone, he will walk around with it on his shoulder.

Here he is talking to Sidney

Unfortunately, there are some things that I don't find amusing or funny. He has begun to hit. I know it is out of frustration and not being able to communicate, but sometimes it is hard and deliberate. He has paused and then smacked me in the face numerous times. I try to tell him no, obviously, but it doesn't really work. Mostly because he is fourteen months old. If this behavior continues when he's older, there will definitely be timeouts.

Otherwise, he is a pretty cute and smart kid, if I do say so myself!

Does everyone like the new color or should I go back to green?

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