Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Jorge has been going to comic conventions for a long time. Usually he goes with one of his friends or takes Sidney and jasmin. He's been wanting to take Gabe since Gabe was born. I have never been. Jorge can get a little bit of tunnel vision when he's around this kind of stuff and I didn't want to just be following him the whole day. (I've kinda boycotted the flea market because he has to walk the whole thing, even if it's hot or there's not a lot of good vendors).

Anyways, this year I agreed to go on Sunday because it's kids day. We searched for a good costume for Gabe, but the Disney store's stuff was so expensive for one day (because there's only a slim chance it would still fit by Halloween). We decided he would be Finn from 'Adventure Time'. His whole costume only cost $20 and he can wear everything again! (Score!)

Everyone at C2E2 loved gabe's costume!! They kept saying things like "he's so cute! Look! At little Finn!" If he were more outgoing I'm sure people would have wanted to take his picture. He wore his costume, but he was still shy gabe.
We did convince him to take a few pictures with some people though.

I surprisingly had A LOT of fun! I want to go again next year. I would like to dress up too. Maybe I could be a steampunk version of tinkerbell? I think Sidney is going to be Harley Quinn. We've got to plan our costumes, the past two years she's made hers kinda last minute.


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