Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My non-sleeper

I never expected that one of the greatest struggles that I would face as a mom would be sleeping. It seems like everything is good for a few months and then it all goes out of the window.

The past two weekends, we have left gabe with Cristina and jasmin. They have had the hardest time getting him to sleep. This past weekend it was almost midnight when he finally caved and fell asleep. The next morning he was up by 7:30, not even sleeping in!

Our mornings have varied from 7-8:30. He would prefer to nap around 4, but then bedtime at 9 is kind of a struggle. The other night it was almost 10:30 and he was still bouncing around in bed. Sometimes I wish he was still in a crib. I would just leave him in there and hope for the best.

Yesterday, he didn't nap, was a crab, and passed out on the way home. He would not wake up, and it was almost 7 by the time he did. Ugh.


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