Thursday, June 13, 2013


We went to ribfest in north center this weekend. It was a perfect day Saturday, not too hot and sweaty. My in laws live in north center so we always try to go to ribfest. And who doesn't love ribs?

Gabe (who actually doesn't love ribs) had an ok time. He spent most of the time clutching Jorge's neck and his yellow balloon. We left him with Lita and Lito while we went back with Cristina. We let Sidney and jasmin go by themselves (eek!).

Cristina and I really wanted the pulled pork nachos from Black Rock, but every time we went they were out! We had two really yummy basil lemonades while we were waiting. They finally had them, after a really long wait, and they were delicious. However, we were pretty full by then. We both had "Jesus on a bun", a nickname for a pulled pork sandwich from browntrout.


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