Saturday, February 22, 2014

A catch up

 I love looking at that smiling face!! What a winter it has been! It seems like it has only been snow and cold and snow and cold.  I think that this crazy weather has really taken a toll on me. All I want to do is sit on the couch and wrap myself in a blanket and maybe  have some tea. All this kiddo wants to do is go play out in the snow and he doesn't understand why he can't. However, the other day it was actually "warm" enough to go play in the snow and not be afraid of getting frostbite or hypothermia.

it's kinda hard to see, but Gabe drew a truck!!

We've definitely had a lot of family time lately. It's so nice to have a weekend where we don't feel like we are running in a million different places. A few weeks ago we went to breakfast with Jorge's parents and sisters. The weekend after that, Jorge and I actually had time to have a date! Wait! Not just a date, but almost a whole day just me and him. It was weird, not having Gabe with us, but it was also nice, just the two of us. I hope we can try to squeeze a few more dates in soon.

His cheese face…hahaha

Oh yeah, this happened too. Most of you know, but jorge was admitted to the hospital again. It was February 5th. I worked late on a tuesday. I brought home Taco Bell and Jorge ate a little and said he was full. He couldn't sleep that night and around 2 he started vomiting. He continued vomiting for most of the night. He wouldn't let me take him to the ER. I knew this was more than just the flu or food poisoning. I had a trial day at a new job the next day and it had snowed the night before so I had to leave early that wednesday morning. Jorge didn't go to work and assured me that he'd be fine. His dad was coming over later that morning, so I was only kinda worried.  When Jorge's dad got to our house, he found jorge curled up on the bathroom floor, in between getting sick, and Gabe watching cartoons. Thankfully, they went to the ER. It turned out to be a swollen abscess, from the surgery that he had in November. He was only in the hospital for two days, but after everything else, any hospital stay is so stressful. He seems mostly ok now, but I think this will possibly keep happening if he doesn't monitor what he eats.

The last piece of news is that I finally got my tattoo for mom. It's a kind of tin man heart. Hopefully it will be all healed in the next few days and I can put up some pictures of it. Right now, it's in it's gross, peeling, itchy phase (ugh). Hopefully, my next post will be sooner than 30 days!

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