Monday, June 20, 2011

missing baby

what a weekend!!! saturday was a full day of garage sales and then yesterday was a very busy father's day. my mother in law was not feeling too good in the morning and she decided she needed to go to the ER. not really the way you want to start a morning! we spent most of the day at my in-laws house. she's ok, but it was definitely a scare.

sidney (my stepdaughter) is also staying with us for a few days. her mom is on vacation with her stepdad. jorge took some vacation time so that he could spend time with her. today, however, i have to watch a friend of mine's son. jorge decided to keep gabe with him. as nice as it is that i can be on the computer or actually read a magazine without having to stick gabe in the pack and play, i miss him terribly. i'm trying to keep busy with errands and stuff but it's still weird looking in the rear view mirror and not seeing gabe in his car seat. what a double edged sword.
people always try to tell you that when you have a baby your thoughts about things change. it's so true but so hard to understand before you have a baby. it is hard to describe to someone that feeling you get when you are away from your baby for too long. on one hand it feels good to finally get some me time, or even be able to go to the bathroom alone. and on the other hand it is so lonely and kinda boring. before gabe i loved tv. i could watch it all day long. now i still have the tv on (for background noise mostly) but when i'm by myself i find myself getting bored quickly. gabe is so fun to be with and so interesting that tv just doesn't hold my attention like it did before. i would not have believed this before i was pregnant. not like tv?! but it's so true. i would rather be with gabe right now than be sitting here typing this blog in peace. it's so much more fun to type while trying to hold a baby on your lap anyways!


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