Thursday, June 30, 2011

long week

it was a very long week. gabe and i both have pretty bad colds. this is actually the longest that i have been on the computer all week. i have pretty much been trying to sleep when gabe sleeps. i'm not always successful, but i do spoil him even more when he is sick. i try to hold him longer when he is sick and napping so i know he gets a decent nap. i know! horrible! but i can't help it. i hate that he is wheezing when he breathes because he is so stuffy. if i feel horrible imagine how crappy he must feel.

up close and personal with booger

we did get to do some fun things this week even though we were not feeling super great. we went on some long walks, mostly so he could have a good nap, and we went to the zoo! it was so much fun! we went with my cousin colleen, her daughter samantha and molly and conor.
gabe really loved the seals. he wasn't really into any of the other animals. he really was not into petting the sting rays. it was pretty cool. actually, it was pretty gross. they are kinda slimy and kinda sandpapery. one of them was even licking my hand. (YUCK) so i really don't blame him.
we went to brookfield zoo and i can't wait to go to lincoln park zoo. their seals are so much more exciting and i know that gabe will love them. also, their polar bears are amazing. i love them so i know gabe will too.


Elizabeth said...

We should totally go to the Lincoln Park Zoo sometime. Maggie is really into the cows in the farm. It would be just like old times :)

Jen said...

it did feel a little like old times at brookfield, even though i was with my cousin. i know we only went there a few times and i am so relieved! lincoln park is so much easier to navigate! maybe we could go soon although i know you have all of those showers and that baby that's gonna come out soon. (at least it waited until after the first!)