Wednesday, June 22, 2011

things i miss....

this is me before baby.

i love gabe. i would not trade him for anything in this world. however.....i hate what being pregnant did to my body. i used to have a chin! i used to have a waistline! i have tried to work out and eat right. it's working....very slooooowly. i admit i didn't try to eat right while i was pregnant. i wanted ice cream ALL of the time. i also wanted coffee but gabe would kick me and sit on my bladder everytime i tried some so i just gave up. i needed one vice! then i was so swollen that i didn't have a chance to walk anywhere because i needed to keep my feet elevated and take it easy.

hopefully i can look like this again. im trying to stay optimistic but it's definitely hard. at least i can get up off the couch now without scooting to the edge!


Devon F said...

Keep up the work, you'll get there! Goonies never say Die!

Jen said...

thanks d! don't think the supparosa helped though!