Tuesday, July 30, 2013

sometimes life throws you a curve ball

the beginning of july was very promising.  we had a great third of july party, we were planning a vacation to florida, and things were just looking up.
but, sometimes life has a different plan.

july 10th, around 1:30, Jorge was sent to the ER. Neither one of us expected that he would be in the hospital for exactly 2 weeks (almost to the hour!). I can honestly say that it was the longest two weeks of our entire lives, and poor gabe too.  it seemed like every few days there was something new going on.  at one point, i gave up giving people updates because everything kept changing.
here's the short version....he was diagnosed with diverticulitis (an infection in the colon) on july 10th, a wednesday.  on sunday morning, he had a small perforation in his colon, causing him enormous pain and resulting in him being moved to an ICU room.  the pain subsided, but then monday he threw up and it was cause for concern. they did a few scans and determined that there was a small obstruction in his bowel.  they decided to insert an NG tube (it is inserted through the nose, to the stomach, and drains anything in the stomach). he had this for a few days. by the end of this ordeal, he was pain free, nothing was being drained from the tube and we were hopeful.  until...one of the colo-rectal doctors decided that he needed surgery (requiring a colostomy bag). they would wait for results on monday, he was scheduled for surgery at 12:30. thankfully (but not without a few panic attacks), he didn't run a fever and therefore didn't need surgery. on wednesday, he was finally discharged on a full liquid diet and iv antibiotics.  he needed to give himself the antibiotics 3 times a day. 
today, his picc line was removed and he is on oral antibiotics.  he has no pain, but is taking everything easy.

jorge and i cannot even begin to tell every one how incredibly thankful and grateful we are for everyone who came to visit, called, texted, or took care of gabe (or even just offered). it means the world to us. we are very lucky to count all of you as family and friends. thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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