Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The fourth

I've said it before, and anyone who really knows me knows that I really don't like fireworks. Jorge on the other hand, LOVES them. So far, gabe is with me. He was seriously shaking when Jorge lit a sparkler fire truck thing.

Wednesday, the third, the country club behind our house does a show. Last year we had a few people over. We really didn't know how it would be. Thins year, since gabe's not having a huge party for his birthday, we decided to go kinda big for the 3rd. We had 17.5 pounds of carne asada, rice, guacamole, kabobs and tons of kids.

*side note* almost all of my friends are married with kids. When did this happen?

Anyway, it was a blast! Tons of friends, tons of beer, tons of food and most important to most, tons of fireworks. Javi, gabe and I were inside during the fireworks so I'm not sure if they were awesome or not. However, I'm super excited that Alli, Todd and Mia were able to make it all of the way from Frankfort to hang out! And Megan finally made it to a party!

Alas, I took not a single picture (Alli if you read this and have some can I have them too?) I did take some the next night when we went to Liz and Devon's. The girls were so cute! Gabe slept thru the fireworks if you can believe it!

I forget what Devon and gabe were saying to each other, but they were cracking each other up!

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