Monday, August 12, 2013


Gabe's quite a character sometimes. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh when he's doing something wrong because it is actually really funny.

This weekend gabe started the dreaded toddler question "why?" he actually says, "but why not?" more than why. This is one of my least favorite toddler phases and all I can hear myself saying is, "because I am the mommy and I say so". Ugh.

He loves to says "I'm first". He wants to go down the stairs first, go to the car first.

He loves to say "I fine". When I ask him if he needs his diaper changed, "no, I fine"

I've already said how particular he is about what music we are listening to. He heard daft punk on the radio the other day when I didn't even have it turned up at all!

A weird saying of his, that I'm not sure what it means or where it came from is "that's four-nines" he will say it about the strangest things so I'm not really sure...

He doesn't do well with ice cream, but he will bite and devour Popsicles.

Lately, he's been really weird about water. He has an awesome pirate ship water table that he didn't want to get out and I can only assume its because of the water. He didn't want to go in lake Michigan. He hates sprinklers. He even hates the mist setting on the hose. Goof.

He still has an aversion to almost all fruits and vegetables. He will eat strawberries, bananas and apples (sometimes). He refuses to even put in his mouth any stone fruit or any other kind of berry. He refuses melons and grapes and regular oranges (mandarin oranges are ok). I don't think there is a single veggie that he eats. He won't even eat mashed potatoes. He did eat chorizo and eggs (!) last week though.


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