Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I feel so blessed

I'm not super religious, and I'm not nearly as good at putting my feelings into words as some other mamas, but I am feeling so fortunate and blessed.

Whatever was wrong with gabe's belly last weekend seems to be better. I'm not even sure what was wrong in the first place, maybe just gas? I was so appreciative of everyone's comments and concerns on instagram and Facebook. It means a lot to me that people that I do not even know in real life (instagram mamas) or people who I don't really get to hang out with, we're concerned with how gabe was feeling.

I'm also feeling really blessed because Jorge alsoseems to be feeling good. Friday and Saturday were pretty crappy, and I was worried that we would be taking a trip to the ER again. However, Sunday he woke up feeling great. He and gabe spent the morning outside trimming the bushes, something he hasn't done in over a month. It was great to see him so happy, so positive.

The last reason that I'm feeling blessed is my mom. While it really sucks that we weren't able to go to Florida for vacation, it is really great that my parents could go. My mom is doing so well that she was able to fly to Florida and take a vacation! I don't think any one of us thought this would be possible at the beginning of the year. In September, there will be a re-evaluation of her cancer and I'm sure more chemo or radiation is in her future, but for now, things are looking good. She's even going to do the craft fair at portage park this fall!

Thank you to everyone who was concerned about Jorge, concerned about gabe, and my mom. You all make me feel very loved and blessed.


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