Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sidney's 15th bday

It's hard to believe that Sidney is turning 15 today. It's also hard to believe that I've known her for fourteen years. She is the daughter that I will never have. I hope she knows how much I love her.

Some Sidney facts:
1* she made the freshman volleyball team with ease

2* she loves her record player

3* the Beatles and jimi Hendrix are two of her favorites

4* her favorite color is green

5* she is an amazingly talented artist

6* she loves sushi (thank god someone else in the house does!)

7* she has two dogs at her moms house and two cats at our house

8* she's been to more places than I have, Rome, Venice, Paris, costa rica

9* she didn't want a baby brother or sister, but can't imagine life without gabe

10* she can teach herself songs on her guitar

She is an amazing girl and I'm so glad that I have been able to be apart of her life.


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