Monday, July 4, 2011

happy fourth!

i actually hate the fourth of july, but i am the only one in my family who does. you can tell from his cheesy smile that gabe enjoys the holiday.

jorge and his bestie were lighting some fireworks yesterday and gabe was enjoying looking at them. he did not really like the loud noise from them though.

i don't know if jorge likes the fourth of july
or christmas more. he always goes and stocks up on fireworks. i wish that he wouldn't but ..... every year it's the same. a road trip to indiana (because fireworks are illegal in illinois).

yesterday was a great day. jorge and i got to hang out with each other (babyless!) it's nice and it sucks at the same time. i miss gabe when i'm not with him. however, i like to have sometime to be a grownup, not just a mommy.

we also went to a bbq at our friends house. it is actually gabe's future in laws house. we decided that we are setting our kids up. it's so cool now that gabe is bigger. he and maggie, who is exactly 40 weeks older, are now able to kind of play with each other. before she would try to play with gabe and he just kinda laid there or sat there. now he is up and crawling and babbling and interacting. it's good practice for magg
ie since she will have a baby brother or sister soon. and it's nice for gabe who doesn't get to see alot of people his size.

maggie is trying to show gabe how to use a sippy cup!

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