Thursday, April 19, 2012

Better blogger

Wow! Day four, in a row! I'm impressed with myself!

Actually, I feel like a bad mom. Easter weekend gabe had a rash that the dr. said was roseola. I think it was actually hand, foot and mouth disease. *yuck* the rash turned into pimple-like things and now they are blisters and peeling. I know it is just part of the healing, but I feel so bad! All of gabes fingers and now his toes are peeling. It looks bad. It's not bothering him, but I still feel bad for him.

It was a good day, besides the peeling fingers, until gabe slammed his mouth into the couch. BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Ohmygod! Tears, screaming, and blood, not a great combo. I could hardly see his mouth and I was terrified that he might need stitches. finally, after what seemed like forever, it stopped bleeding long enough and he stopped crying long enough for me to get a good look. I was so relieved to see he didn't break through his lip, just some teeth marks.

After nap was much better. Gabe decided to make dinner. He took out pots, and I gave him a spoon and he stirred the pot and then would taste his spoon. So cute! Then he would give me a taste. He probably did this for 40 minutes until I really had to make dinner.

I'm going to aim for five days in a row with a flashback tomorrow. Have a great night and cross your fingers that I can get a post out tomorrow.

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