Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby pangs

Gabe has bronchitis, and last night his medicine made him really *i mean really* hyper. It was after ten and he was still jumping all over the bed. I started to rub his back and belly, but it would only last for a few minutes. Then I got the idea to sit up a little and try to lay him on my chest. I thought at maybe my heartbeat and calm breathing would help.

It did! He fell asleep almost instantly. But then I got a little emotional. I remembered how wonderful it felt when gabe was a baby and would fall asleep on my chest, the heavy sweetness. Jorge and I have been talking about baby #2, but it's just talk, we can't really afford another baby. Then, I got sad because I'd never really know what breast feeding felt like. (it was late, it was a loooong day) those two things made me think about another baby....but I know we won't be able to have one, so I've got to put those little baby pangs out of my mind (and out of others minds).


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