Monday, January 14, 2013


Last night gabe and I went to dinner with Dave, Stacey and lilah (and their friend joe, and his two kiddos). Jorge stayed home sick, he could hardly keep his eyes open. I was pretty excited, I like Dave and stacey and I like where we were going to dinner. However, it turned into one of my most embarrassing moments EVER.

First, gabe wouldn't sit still. I didn't get a highchair for him, because I thought it would be worse, like trying to climb out. I finally got him to sit still when the balloon man came by (can't have a balloon if you're not sitting in your chair). He sat, and raised his hand when the guy said he could do a zombie. "Me! Zombie! ZOMBIE!!" ok, I was cracking up from that. That was the only bright side to the evening.

The waitress was horrible! And I had recommended this place so 1st embarrassment. She was not listening, sighing and making us feel like we were the ones fucking up the orders. Nope, all you chick.

But that's besides the point, after dinner was mostly over gabe decided to climb off his chair, crawl under the table, run around the back of my seat and then run back and forth between the two rooms of the restaurant. I calmly followed him, thank god the place was pretty empty. In my head however, I was screaming and soooooo embarrassed. Gabe was starting to cough from all of the running and his bronchitis, but he just kept going. Until....he started throwing up!

I think I reacted very well. I had already been holding him, so I just put my hand under his mouth and walked VERY VERY quickly to the bathroom. I don't know how I stayed so calm or didn't just freeze. Obviously, at this point dinner was definitely over.

I don't know what I was more embarrassed about. Oh! And the waitresses also all asked if he was my only one. I wonder why? Because I was obviously not in control of the situation? Whatever, I have never been more embarrassed.


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