Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OCD kiddo

My kid hates having his hands dirty. And yet, he loves playing in the dirt and totally loved the leaves this fall. But when it comes to anything else, food, paint, he screams "wipe! wipe!"

I tried to do a handprint project this morning with paint and he totally flipped! It took me almost 15 minutes to even sit down after I said he'd be putting the paint on his hands. I finally got him to do it, but as soon as he picked his hand up he was calling for wipes.

Ten minutes later he wanted to paint some more. I got out the finger paints, set up an area for him to paint in...and he flipped again. He did NOT like finger painting at all. He also doesn't like washing his hands because of the soap. Yep, potty training will be tons of fun!

I tried to show him what to do and how fun it was...all I got was a picture that I made.


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