Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Food, glorious food!

Gabe likes certain foods. He's a picky eater like his father. However, I do still try to get him to try other things. This weekend he ate a HUGE plate full of rice and I even got him to eat a "taco" of rice and homemade guacamole. He only took a few bites, but I consider it a success. Last night, he ate a few of my chicken nuggets. This is also a success because he rarely eats any kind of meat. He also had a few bites of my turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich.

It could be just a few bites, but I get so excited! Gabe really only asks for hot dogs and Mac and cheese. He can put away a ton of Mac and cheese. There are a few fruits he will eat, strawberries, bananas, and occasionally apples. He loves mandarin oranges, but his belly doesn't. He also likes to share my green smoothies with me. Those can contain spinach, yogurt (a favorite of his already), and various fruits.

It's a challenge to get a picky eater to not be so picky, but I figure if I can continue offering him things, and if he occasionally tries them, I'm doing a good job.

(the last picture is what I feel is my biggest success...a plate full of chorizo and tortillas...he loved it!)


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