Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mr. Personality

It's so cool to see what parts of our personalities gabe has acquired. He definitely has parts from both of us.

Gabe and Jorge are similar sleepers. It's so funny to go upstairs at night and see the two of them sleeping the same way and snoring. Jorge sighs in his sleep. Gabe laughs, cries and every once in a while talks! Obviously, gabe got a lot of his "boyness" from Jorge, like playing in the dirt (although he doesn't like to be dirty, which is so funny!)and rough-housing.

It's hard to say exactly how gabe is like me. He makes some of the same faces that I do. He organizes things like I do. It's really funny to get home from the grocery store and see him unload the groceries and then hang the bag on a knob, and put the other bags inside the first one. It's not a personality trait, but he is copying what I do. He has a sweet tooth like me...that's for sure. Give him some chocolate and he's happy. He was asking for m&m's for breakfast!


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