Friday, December 16, 2011

flashback friday!

this is a real flashback! this is from april of 2007. we were not even married yet!

we took a family trip to mexico. it was a wonderful experience that i hope to one day have again. jorge, sidney, me, jorge's parents and his sisters all drove to mexico in two cars. i think it made us all closer. i really felt more accepted by the family after this trip.

first, we went to where jorge's mom is from, san luis potosi. it was beautiful! we were there for easter and there was a huge procession that had all of the people from the village participating. we stayed with jorges grandfather, in the house jorges mom grew up in. it is so big and beautiful. i am glad sidney was able to see it and i hope one day that gabe gets to see it.

then, we went to durango, where jorge's dad is from. we stayed in the house that he grew up in. much more of his family still lives in mexico. jorges grandmother will never leave, neither will his aunt inez. jorges uncle also lives nearby. he lives in a small house with no running water and he loves it.

my trip to mexico made me want to retire there. it is so beautiful. we went to a few markets where you can get so many different things, from food to art. i stood out of course. not only because of my blonde hair, but because i hardly speak any spanish, although i am working on it. it is not something that i will ever forget.

*side note* i remember thinking that i looked fat in that dress. funny, now i couldnt even fit in the size that the dress was. it is funny (and sad) how skewed ones perception can be sometimes. looking at these pictures, i would love to be that size again!

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