Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick baby

Jorge and I woke up this morning around one to find gabe in two piles of puke. Yuck was my first impulse, then concern that my little man was so sick.

It is the most horrible thing to have a baby who is throwing up. They don't know what's going on. You cant explain it. You can only hold them while they are sick on your shoulder. Gabe was really upset when he was getting sick. He was afraid, you could see it in his face. My heart was breaking.

My mom always stayed up with my brother and I when we were sick. I am glad that Jorge stayed up with us. It was nice to have the support when all I wanted to do was make gabe better (and get some sleep for him and I)

Gabe seems to be doing better now. Hopefully it was just something he ate, not like the stomach flu or something like that. I'd hate to have a sick kid on Christmas, Tim and I were always taking turns being sick on Christmas.

Besides being woken up to a sick kid, this weekend was pretty great. Gabe got his picture taken with Santa twice. Once by himself and once with Sidney. He didn't cry, but wasn't so sure of the whole thing.

Both grandpas got to see how big gabe has gotten recently. Yes, both see him regularly, but this weekend they realized that he is more like a kid than a baby. He spent time with his abuelito without his titis and then he played ball with my dad. I know that my dad had a lot of fun.

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