Monday, December 26, 2011

Holidays and sickies

Oh my have we been busy! Gabe had the stomach flu Monday, and that sucked. It sucked even more on Tuesday evening when I got the stomach flu! I have to say, I have been this sick in a LONG time. I was so weak and tired and running to the bathroom over and over. Thankfully, Jorge was still off from work and was able to take care of gabe for me (mostly)

Lysol and hand soap have been my best friends for the past few days. Especially, when Jorge thought that he might be coming down with a head cold. Please, no more! I would like a healthy house for a bit! Luckily it seems like we are finally rid of the horrible leftover effects of the flu.

It was a great second Christmas for my little man. He got tons of great gifts and tons of love. Christmas is a whirlwind with our family.

Christmas eve is spent with the Sanchez family. We usually have dinner there, this year was tamales. Then we played loteria, which is like bingo. We open presents at midnight. Then Jorge, gabe, Sidney and I go back home and guess what? Santa has come by and left us more gifts.

It's around 1AM and we open those gifts. Sidney usually stays up for awhile playing, I go to sleep because it's not over yet. We get up and go to the Klein house because Santa has also left gifts there for us. This is usually around 9. We have doughnuts and open gifts and then go back home for a few hours. Yesterday gabe took an awesome nap. Then we go to my aunts at 1:30/2 for more food and family and gifts! It's a crazy two days and I am exhausted!

Isn't he handsome?

I hope everyone had a freest holiday surrounded by the ones that they love!
Merry Christmas!

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