Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday craziness

Oh my the holidays are here! One part of me is excited and the other half of me is over it already. I am super excited that gabe will be more aware of what's going on this year. I like buying presents too, but this year for some reason I feel pressured, like I won't get good enough gifts. Jorge, for example, is THE hardest person to shop for.

I haven't had a lot of time to write because gabe is keeping me pretty busy these days. Right now he is swiffering. It's one of his favorite activities. He even has his own toy broom. Besides sweeping, he is getting into everything! It's a fine line, I think, letting him explore but also setting boundaries.

This past weekend was packed with shopping and family. Saturday we went shopping with our dear friend, gabes godfather, javi. Then we went to jorges parents house to watch a boxing match. Gabe entertained everyone by running around and around their island. it is really funny. I don't know how he doesn't make himself dizzy. My sister in law made us a yummy lasagna dinner. (I really miss cooking)

We left gabe and Sidney at my in laws for the night so that we could go to an adult birthday party. Can you believe it? Going out as an adult two weekends in a row! I have to say though, it was like pulling teeth to get me to go. What can I say, I'm still self conscious about how I look. And, I knew no one at the party had kids so no one had a post baby body.

Sunday I slept until almost 10:30! I don't know the last time that happened! (partly because I might have been a little hungover) I missed gabe but I have to say every time it gets a little better. It's still hard, but not as hard as it was in the beginning, especially the sleeping over part. We had Sunday dinner at my moms, one of my favorites, chicken and gravy! Gabe was hilarious with the mashed potatoes, they were everywhere. Then the four of us went shopping at the HIP. We got some really great deals, and I got some nice grown up party tops.

That's something I realized recently....I only have tshirts. I have nothing to wear for the holidays or parties. But now, thanks to a gift card and my mommy I have three really cute sparkly shirts.

Watching the snow this morning.
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