Sunday, February 12, 2012

Museum time!

I love that I live in such a great city. There is so much to do! Today was another trip to the museum of science and industry. Gabe loves it because there are a lot of things to touch and interact with. We went with jorges sisters and Sidney.

Sidney and jasmin became clowns....

Gabe got to drive a tractor....

And he loved this cow. He kept walking around it saying "cow, cow, cow". So cute! I didn't even know that he could say cow.

We also stopped by the submarine. I wonder what is going thru his mind when he sees something like that. He kept getting closer and closer to the glass. Was it because he wondered if there was something between him and the ground? Or was it because he wanted to touch the boat? Who knows? I'm glad he looked like he was enjoying himself.

So much fun that he passed out before we were even on lake shore drive!

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Devon F said...

I love the MSI. Did he like the baby chicks?

Jen said...

i actually think the girls liked the chicks more than gabe did. jasmin kept lightly tapping the glass and one would keep coming up to her.