Friday, November 22, 2013

Can I have a do-over?

2013 has really, really sucked. Well, not just 2013, the past 12 months have sucked.  Last year, I rushed my mom to the hospital with a blood clot. From the blood clot, we discovered that she had lung cancer. She was admitted to the hospital again in December of last year for another cancer related blood clot.

July, Jorge spent two weeks in the hospital. September, mom was admitted to the hospital with terminal lung cancer. Just short of a week later, she passed away. November, again, Jorge is admitted to the hospital for a surgery that we planned on taking place in December.

Seriously, I'm over hospitals. It's not over though. Jorge will be here for a few days. Then, my dad is having surgery on his knee on the 2nd of December. If I don't step foot in a hospital ever again, I will be very happy. (although I kinda want to enter the medical field at some point so....)

Jorge is in a lot of pain right now. He is doing good though. The surgery was a little more than they had anticipated, but it was good it happened now. If we had waited, he might have perforated again and that would have been so much worse.

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words, prayers and thoughts this past year. I appreciated every single one.

 (some flashback friday pics for you)

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