Thursday, November 7, 2013

Devil's Lake

As a kid, my family and I, including all of the cousin's on my mom's side, would spend a week in Okee, Wisconsin. One of the highlights of this trip was the day we spent at Devil's Lake. I have taken Jorge there before. Every summer we say that we are going to make a trip up there for the day, and it hasn't happened.  My brother was talking about engagement pictures and how they would have liked to have gotten some at Devil's Lake. I decided that our empty Saturday would be spent there.

Before getting to Devil's Lake, we made a stop in Lodi. Lodi is the town next to Okee. Both of these places are very small and I love it! Stopping in Lodi requires two things, a stop at the sausage shop and a visit to Susie the Duck!

After seeing Susie, we jumped on the ferry. Gabe was not too excited to be in the car, on a boat.  It is the fastest way to travel from Lodi/Okee to Devil's Lake. It is the way we went when we came up to Wisconsin for all of those summers.  There's great memories of checking out the algae on Lake Wisconsin, or looking at the other ferry riders with their ice cream, knowing that we couldn't have any.

We wound up climbing up rock stairs to get to the top of the mountain. It was a real workout. Gabe climbed up some of the way by himself, but he also got a ride some of the way from Jorge.

What a view

we made it!

Awesome shot of the Lake from the top

my family

We ended the day skipping stones on the beach. It really was a perfect day. 

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