Saturday, November 2, 2013


There are those moments that I have to remember. I put gabe to sleep tonight, then went downstairs and wasted hours in front of the tv. I could have been upstairs cuddling with him instead.

Lately, I've been sitting him in front of the tv or giving him the iPad so that I could make Beans. When the day is over, I don't always feel like I accomplished something. More days I start to feel bad because I overlooked the most important thing to me. Gabe.

These moments won't last long. Wanting to 'nuggle' on the couch and have mama read books to him, those moments will be gone before I know it. I've got to step back, reevaluate, and get my priorities in order. Getting Beans made should not come before gabe. I've got to remember that he's only this age for right now, tomorrow he will be a little older. Soon he won't want to snuggle, or play together or even leave his room. Right here, right now, even though I may have other things that need to get done, this is what matters most.


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Anonymous said...

Very very true, and well said.