Saturday, March 29, 2014

I work out...


Back in February, Jorge and I ordered T25. It's by the same people who do P90X and Beachbody, except that it's only 25 minutes. For someone like me 25 minutes is perfect.


Life seems to keep getting in the way. I know. If I really wanted to work out I'd make the time. I get up at 6:45 for work and then don't get home until 6. I have to get dinner ready for the natives, eat and then it's usually gabe's bedtime. I can't really do it in the morning because Gabe will more than likely wake up if I'm not in bed with him and I can't hear him in the basement. I can do it *most* evenings, but not always. We've been at friends houses until 10, gone grocery shopping in the evening and I've worked late just this week alone.

I'm really wanting to work out, I'm just having trouble finding the time. In the evenings I usually sew or catch up on social media or tv (usually a combo of the three). I get that I could do those after, but I'm already up until 11 doing those things. If I work out it will be that much later.

Typing that made me really see how many excuses I make for myself. I guess I'm not as motivated as I think I am. Hopefully in a month I will have better news to report.



Mary D said...

It can be so hard to get motivated when your day is so jam packed! I have days where it is so difficult to get motivated (like today, ha!) Just keep your eye on the prize and you can do it! I have a friend, who lives out in Rockford - so she's somewhat local, that does the T25 programs and all the Beachbody stuff, who has a motivational facebook page. You should check her out, even though I don't use Beachbody products, I love the motivation that she shares! Keep up with it! :)


Jen said...

Thanks Mary! I am still struggling to make the time, but I figure if I work out half of the week, that's better than none!