Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pretty great night

Tonight we had a family outing. It's not easy to get two parents, a teenager and a 3 year old to agree on a night out, but we succeeded. Ok, truth be told, the outing was for gabe, but we went and enjoyed it as a family. We went to princess and pirate, Disney Junior Live!

There was a part about Sophia and one about jake. Gabe was a little hesitant when the turned the lights off, (he really has a thing against Mickey and Minnie and of course they had to come out and introduce Sophia). He screamed once, a vast improvement over Disney on Ice. For a bit, we just didn't talk to him and he seemed to be doing ok. At the end of Sophia, she grows (it's kinda creepy actually) and sings and gabe actually shouted "look! Sophia got so big!" This felt like such an accomplishment!

He did really good during Jake and the never land pirates. He sat on my lap, wasn't scared of captain hook and was even smiling. The best part was when tick tock crock came out and he started laughing and giggling! My heart burst into a million pieces. Maybe he wasn't up dancing and singing like the kid next to us, but he was having a good time.

When we left he said "that was so awesome!" (heart bursting)


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