Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The little things...

It amazes me everyday, the things gabe can do! Here he is saying happy. Just out of the blue, he started saying happy.

(I really wanted to put a video up, but I have to get a YouTube account so it will be here soon!)

He says other weird words and phrases too. Like "yeppy" or "good job" sometimes he only says them once and you never hear it again. He was saying cat a lot one week and now he won't say it anymore. I have been trying to teach him please. I think he started saying it today, but it's hard to tell.

Yesterday he was touching his and mollys hair and nose when asked. It was so cool. We read this book about bubbles with Bert and Ernie and Elmo, the bubbles are on a nose, toes and hair. I always touch these spots to help teach him and I guess it really was working!

Another new thing that gabe has begun to do is talk on the phone. It's so funny! If he actually has someone on the phone, he will walk around with it on his shoulder.

Here he is talking to Sidney

Unfortunately, there are some things that I don't find amusing or funny. He has begun to hit. I know it is out of frustration and not being able to communicate, but sometimes it is hard and deliberate. He has paused and then smacked me in the face numerous times. I try to tell him no, obviously, but it doesn't really work. Mostly because he is fourteen months old. If this behavior continues when he's older, there will definitely be timeouts.

Otherwise, he is a pretty cute and smart kid, if I do say so myself!

Does everyone like the new color or should I go back to green?

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