Thursday, July 21, 2011

busy day

me after a busy busy day

i kinda hate having to put a title on my posts. everything feels the same...long week, long was a busy day i guess.

i started out my day by trying to go to target. i had a short list but most of the items were grocery items. we walk in target and it's dark. target has no power. blah. so i only grab a few items because i only have some cash on me and i don't know if their credit card stuff is working. so i was already melting after being in the car and now i was still melting because no power means no air conditioning.

then i found out that i got to help molly with her social studies test. i was a tutor for the day. i read her chapter, made her an outline and then helped her with ideas for her test. it was kinda nice. i hadn't helped her with homework in years. also, it was social studies, my favorite. i actually learned some things too. now i finally know exactly who pancho villa was!

the rest of my day was spent chasing a very active baby around. i was not so smart the other day and i let gabe crawl up some stairs. now i cannot get him to stop. he takes of running, well crawling but he moves so fast it's almost like he is running. he is pretty cute and it's actually kind of funny the way his little butt wiggles. sometimes i find myself laughing at him. this however only makes him crawl faster! (and laugh too!) as much as i want him to walk i am afraid that i will never be able to catch him.

maybe tomorrow will be a little cooler and a little less crazy.

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