Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sleepy baby

gabe is a sleeping machine. well...he is a napping machine. not so sure about bedtime sleeping.

he has been taking naps in weird places lately. the top picture is of daddy and gabe sleeping on the couch while i was at yoga on sunday. the middle picture is of my in-laws neighbors foot. apparently gabe fell asleep on her couch and then started cuddling with her leg while he was sleeping. the bottom picture is from right now. he sleeps pretty good on the floor. once in a while i will have to cuddle with him, but i am usually able to get him to go back to sleep. today was really cute....when i was holding him, when he first fell asleep, he started babbling in his sleep. TOO CUTE! (and just like daddy)

since we are talking about sleep, yesterday was quite an adventure. gabe was asleep when i put him in bed. five minutes later he was awake screaming. jorge soothed him to sleep a few minutes after that. we thought everything was fine until five minutes went by and he started screaming and crying again. ugh. it was starting to get late. so i let him cry. i convinced jorge to fight the urge to go back in his room. ten minutes later it was quiet. he was sound asleep. i don't know if he cried himself to sleep or soothed himself to sleep but i felt hopeful. ten minutes is not that bad. i feel better about the future, when he doesn't fall asleep easily because of exhaustion and a bottle.

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