Saturday, July 9, 2011

sucky saturday

today was kinda a sucky day. jorge worked a lot of overtime this week. which is good financially speaking but not so good family wise. we hardly saw him. he worked overnight, which was a little hard for me. i admit it....gabe spent a lot of time in bed with me. mostly in the morning so that we could have a little more time to sleep.

this morning i went to work out. i have been wanting to go. it's a great workout, even though i wind up not being able to breathe about half way through the hour. it's also only eight dollars which i think is a good deal. anyway
....i went to work out with sidney and gabe. sidney was supposed to watch gabe but sensai made her work out too! gabe was so good. he sat in his stroller and played with his toys or ate cheerios.

then the bad day started....i suffer from migraines. every time that i have gone to work out i have wound up with a headache. usually i just take my migraine medicine and i am ok. however, i used the last one and didn't refill the prescription. BAD IDEA! i went from a little headache to a full blown migraine in twenty minutes. yuck! so to make a long story short...i had to get a refill and get better fast because jorge was home from work and super sleep deprived. thank god my mom came to our rescue! she filled my prescription and took gabe to her house for a few hours. thanks MOMMY!

hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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