Friday, July 15, 2011

end of the week...finally!

so after my spoiled baby post i was given the idea to try putting gabe down on his blanket for naps. i only had one opportunity to try it out.

after a few cuddles, he successfully slept on his blankie on the floor for an hour!!! hopefully i will have more opportunities to have him sleep this way. right now he is at his abuelita's house so i'm sure he is cuddling for naptime.

this week was a pretty good week. tuesday we went to the pool. i wish i had brought my camera, but it's not waterproof so i was worried. gabe loves the water! he was shivering and still did not want to get out. i was thinking about putting him in swimming lessons in the fall and now i know he will love them. maybe me not so much. but for gabe i will do it.

also this week gabe tried kiwi for the first time. i was worried he wouldn't like it because it can be sour sometimes. boy was i wrong! i couldn't cut it up fast enough for him! he had a very interesting lunch of sweet potato and kiwi. i really love it when he can eat fresh food. i had baked the sweet potato for him in the morning. i will still be able to give it to him for a few more meals. sweet potato is one of his favorites and has been since he started eating solids. he also loves strawberries. well, any kind of berry actually. but he especially loves strawberries and cheerios, both of which he feeds himself.

gabe's kiwi/sweet potato lunch

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