Monday, July 18, 2011

longest nap ever!

so gabe is taking the longest nap. i think that he is transitioning out of multiple naps a day to one big nap. that's ok, i guess. we have such a weird schedule that naps are not a priority, feeding is.

i felt bad about gabe's
sleeping/napping in a previous post. today, i read an article in Parents magazine about napping. it said how important naps are and that you should schedule life around your baby/kids nap. GREAT! so if didn't feel bad enough before about gabe napping while cuddling, now i should feel bad about not scheduling nap time on top of that.

i have an eating schedule for gabe and i try to stick to it as much as possible. he eats breakfast around 8. lunch is at noon, dinner is at four and bed time bottle is at 8:45. it works great. naps fall where they may. usually a small maybe 45 minute nap in the morning and an hour or two nap in the early afternoon. then a half hour nap around 6:30. but there is not a set schedule. now i feel horrible! poor gabe! what if he isn't getting the sleep or routine that babies need?

the only reason i am going to stop freaking out pretty soon is because gabe's nine month check up was today and he is great! he is sooo long...29 inches long! and he is almost 20 pounds. im pretty sure that someone is going to be tall like his daddy! the doctor didn't ask about his napping, only about his sleeping at night so i guess whatever i am doing is
working. i have a happy and healthy baby.

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