Monday, January 30, 2012

Checked out

I totally checked out electronically this weekend (including Friday). I left my phone at home, and my iPad with no battery. It felt great! I fell guilty about not blogging very often, I don't think I even hit double digits in january. Then, I think, how many people are even reading this?(especially after my word vomit about body image)

This weekend was a great weekend to be unplugged. We spent Saturday at the field museum! Awesome! There's not as much for gabe to interact with at the field museum as there is at MSI (museum of science and industry). Nonetheless, I think he had a great time. It was nice that the four of us got to be together for the day. Also, gabe developed a love of dinosaurs....too cute!


It's amazing how much my baby has turned into a kid. He was looking at the dinosaurs and saying dinosaur and just really into looking at stuff. It's great because he's actually looking and maybe even remembering and understanding. So much has changed in a year, I can't believe that he couldn't do anything at this time last year!

He is curious about things at home too. He helps me feed the cats. He was also really interested in Jorge cleaning the litter box. It's so exciting to see his little mind working.

Also, just because I love this blurry picture....he's sneaky too, grabbing his pacifier when I'm not looking!

Oh yeah! I forgot, he also figured out how to take his shirt off. No, not his pants or diapers. Just his shirt.

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