Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Horrible sleeper....again

So, my lack of posts is because I usually blog at night, after gabe has gone to sleep. However, that is when he was being a good sleeper. I didn't want to blog about it and jinx it, but gabe was doing awesome for quite awhile. He would drink his milk while we read him stories and then you could lay him in his crib and leave and he'd go to sleep. NOT ANYMORE!

What happened? We tried to keep things on track with the holidays. For the most part he was in bed by 9:30, which was late but not too bad. And now he is back to standing in his crib and crying. One night he wouldn't even let us lay him down. He would flex his back every time we tried. He is taking almost an hour some days to go to sleep. We aren't starting early either. I'm at a loss again. Things were going so well. So if there are a lack of posts, you know why. I'll try to get more up though. Sweet dreams everyone!

I've posted this pic before but it's one of my very favorites! If only he were sleeping now....@10 pm.....

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