Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little break

Because of the holidays, I was able to pretend to be a stay at home mom for a few days. It was kinda nice. Gabe and I would wake up together and lay around the house and play together. I didnt have to worry if I looked like crap or not(most days I did look pretty crappy) it was nice. Something I could get used to.....but then there's the life of a stay at home mom. I would actually have to do stuff, like laundry and dishes and make dinner. I did these things on my break, but I didn't feel pressured to do them like I would if I were home all of the time. I mean, you cant stay home and expect to not do these things. It was nice not having to stay up and straighten the house since I was doing it all day long.

Anyways...back to reality.

It's funny. I didn't really take many pictures during the holidays or when gabe and I were home. I just kinda forgot about my phone which was very very nice.

Somebody really likes computers

And playing with the vacuum is a new thing. It's cute but he doesn't want to give it up!

We visited our friends, the romans the other day. Gabe gave Kyle a dinosaur that spins and sings and terrifies him. I was glad to get it out of the house because it's kinda loud and gabe decided that it wasn't fun. In return we wound up with kyles xylophone. Gabe LOVES it! It's really loud but he gets so into it! He lays down, he squats, he gets his drum sticks and bangs on the keys. He can't get enough.

Now that I'm back to reality, I will try to post more often. Hope everyone enjoyed the past few weeks!

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