Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boats, cars, pirate ships....

All things that makes a little boy, my guy loves. Who knew? Gabe loves saying airplane, truck, choo-choo, bus and car. He talks about them when we are in the car. He even shouts out the window at passing vehicles. I'm not really into all of those kind of things, and Jorge wasn't into them either so it's a little bit of unknown territory for us.

Gabe was also given a pirate ship that he loves to play with. It was one of the best gifts because it's really helped him with small motor skills like putting the pirates on the ship. It's a mega block ship so it's the first step to him building with blocks.

Yesterday, we spent the day with gabes two girlfriends, Maggie and Lucy. We went to the children's museum in glenview. I was afraid that it would still be a little too old for gabe but he had a great time! We spent alot of time in the car section (of course) and Maggie and gabe really loved the water works part.

Gabe also like to pretend to paint the house. Wonder where he got that idea? :)

Lucy had a great time even though there wasnt a lot for her to do yet!

Gabe was totally wiped out afterward! It was a great day!

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