Monday, March 5, 2012

Sushi birthday time

Yum! Sidney and I got to eat sushi yesterday for our friends Dave and staceys daughters birthday. It was sooooo good. Also, the party was so much fun. Although I am not sure how much fun L had because she was a little fussy, but so adorable.
(happy first birthday L!)

It was so cute when she was eating her birthday cupcake. It was all over her face. I totally remembered how gabe had it ALL over on his birthday. He was actually doing a good job with his cupcake, getting most of it in his mouth.

But before cupcakes, we had the best food! Sidney and I love sushi and Thai food and alot of other things that Jorge really isnt into. Gabe however, was enjoying the food. We had a pork ramen noodle soup and gabe liked the noodles and loved the chopsticks!

I tried the dragon roll and it was so good! I have really grown from just eating a California roll. The guy who was making the sushi also made this incredibly delicious roll for us. It was not on the menu, he just made it for the table. YUM! I'm glad that Sidney likes different types of food, and it seem that gabe can be adventurous at times too. I almost forgot, he loved loved loved the tempura carrots. We will have to remember that the next time we get sushi. Hopefully I can convince Jorge to go back to the place we were at, tampopo.

Thanks Dave and Stacey for inviting us to join in celebrating L's first birthday! She is adorable and it was so much fun!

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