Tuesday, March 27, 2012

million little things


but this is how i really feel. i feel like pulling my (pink) hair out most days lately. this is only the second time that i have ever moved, and it is alot of work! it especially is alot of work with a toddler. i have huge lists of things to do, a million little things, and i feel like before i know it, it's naptime or bedtime. i havent even accomplished half of the list by then. i am not one to stay up late to finish things, but maybe i should start?

gabe has been having a hard time with things somedays, which makes things even harder. yesterday for example, he threw a fit about everything. the day was spent in tears. ok, not the whole day, but it sure felt like it. at least i got the grocery shopping done!

i wonder about all of those bloggers who find time not only to play with their kids, but blog and be crafty. how do they do it?! i want to do it! hopefully i will have time to be more crafty/creative after we move. i really cannot wait to start making candles. hopefully you guys cannot wait to start buying my candles!

G is sleeping, instead of sitting here on the computer i am going to get stuff done!

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