Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy busy bees

Ok, I can't hold it in anymore. We are moving. It has been alot of work, and we aren't even ready yet. We still have half a house to pack!

So, if I am not writing anything it's because I am busy packing or unpacking and trying to sleep to start all over again! Also, I didn't spend hardly any time with gabe this weekend. He spent the weekend with my inlaws so that we could get some work done (removing wallpaper is officially my least favorite thing to do, well, unless you count raking).

Gabe has grown up so much, sometimes I don't see the little baby that I once had. He loves being outside. He has spent as much time outside as he can and you can tell. He has scrapes and bruises all over. I love it though! I was never an outsidey kinda person, but I try to get out at least for a few minutes for G. It has been great weather here. Although I am having a hard time turning on the air-conditioning in march. It is the first day of spring and it's 80!? At least it makes getting outside easier.

Oh my! What knees!

Gabe looks so grown up in these pictures, hard to believe at this time last year he was only eating mashed bananas.

Hopefully I will have some time to write. Wish us luck!

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